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Putting Southern Arizona on the map.

TENWEST Festival is an annual event in Southern Arizona that features dozens of diverse speakers and experiences on a variety of topics. This year, with the University of Arizona signing on as a title sponsor, the TENWEST team integrated BRINK as a partner to reboot the festival and give it the focus brand strategy it lacked.

Our challenge: how do we break from our filter bubble and reach a more diverse audience beyond the startup and tech scene? How do we find the common thread that unites all of our events?

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After conducting depth interviews with community stakeholders, we identified a key insight: Southern Arizona is brimming with creative thinkers uniquely suited to tackle the grand challenges facing our community and the planet, but siloes have created barriers between those with the big ideas and those who desire to help put those ideas into action.

The brand story we built was around the concept that TENWEST works to break those barriers and put our region’s great strengths to work in making a substantial and lasting impact. It’s a destination for discovery, inspiration and connection.

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“We help the curious and the impassioned solve the great challenges facing our community by inspiring ideas and facilitating connections that empower them to act.”

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And what was the impact of our new brand strategy? Tickets sales tripled over the previous year, by far the most significant jump in the festival’s six-year history.


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