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Helping a purpose-driven technology company tell a new story.

As a mission-driven, Certified B Corporation, Network for Good has a legacy of providing trusted support to over 400,000 nonprofit leaders since 2001 and has helped pioneer the online fundraising space, disbursing over $3 billion in donations to date.

But while Network for Good had a positive reputation and strong awareness in the nonprofit space, they’re known significantly more for a legacy of providing helpful resources and coaching than for their primary revenue driver: their fundraising software as a service.

While they have a large source of potential leads through their content-driven community, they needed an effective way to tell a new story about the benefits of their software to effectively inform and inspire nonprofit leaders to consider NFG for fundraising support.


Our first step was aligning on the core purpose, mission, and values of the organization. With hands-on workshops with the executive team and surveys across the company, a theme emerged that we summarized into a single train of thought: Grow Your Good.

Fundraising is difficult and often a dreaded part of running a nonprofit. By partnering with Network for Good, nonprofits can simplify the fundraising process and better cultivate more impactful relationships that advance their mission and grow their good. Network For Good’s mission is to further the mission of the nonprofits they serve.

Customer Testimonial: Achieve Tahoe
Customer Testimonial: Achieve Tahoe
Customer Testimonial: EventU
Customer Testimonial: EventU
Customer Testimonial: ACB Dance
Customer Testimonial: ACB Dance

Behind the scenes from the Network For Good Customer Testimonials shot by BRINK.

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Customer Testimonial: Children’s Cancer Cause

video 6

As part of defining a consistent messaging framework around this big idea, we helped NFG move away from using more technical language like “donor management system” to more accessible language like “fundraising software” and adopted the moniker of “simple and smart” to emphasize the main product benefit in a landscape that includes more complex, enterprise solutions that aren’t appropriate for the small nonprofits we’re hoping to attract.

With an insights-driven strategy in place, BRINK is now consistent creative collaborators developing campaigns across various media to tell this new story to small nonprofit owners and development directors. Our work includes “scroll-stopping” social ad units, authentic customer testimonials, and quickly executed campaigns such as the 3-week turnaround #COVIDcantstopgood in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that helped fuel the most new software subscriptions they’ve ever had.

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COVID Can’t Stop Good 2020

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