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Championing a progressive economic development initiative for the city we love.

BRINK has been trusted collaborators with the City of Tucson government for years, having launched a community media center, actively producing all Mayor and Council livestreams, and frequently developing advertising campaigns and content support.

In 2019, we approach the City with an idea: a website designed to help Tucson better attract and retain talent and businesses, the economic engine needed to create a healthier and happier community. While a nice website isn’t going to fix everything, it gives us a platform to make our case for “why Tucson?” to those curious enough to ask while providing a more frictionless user experience to help people start or grow their business.

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The city bought in, and so we embarked on a journey that included running focus groups with multiple groups from the city’s economic initiatives office, to small and local businesses represented through Local First, to our region’s largest and most influential companies and organizations through the Tucson Metro Chamber. As part of our discovery process, we also talked with young professionals about what attracted them to Tucson and reviewed past research conducted by groups like the local tourism office to see what the main value propositions for Tucson are in telling our story.

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All of the key insights we gleaned gave us a clear direction to go for a content plan for the website and guided our content development process. And our intensive discovery process with various community stakeholders gave us an added advantage of promoting buy-in around our effort so there would be day one adoption.


The Economic Initiatives packet illustrates the attractive qualities of Tucson by amplifying community stakeholders.


The design process for what we eventually started calling Connect Tucson involved pulling in a narrative of what makes our region special: the mountains, the high tech sector, the vibrant sunsets, and clear blue skies. We used this inspiration to create a website that is unmistakably Tucson. The work of telling our story begins the instant the visual design meets your eyes and carries through with the content we developed from the ground up.

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Ad 5 launched in January of 2020 and was immediately embraced and adopted by the community as a key resource for economic development. Both the city’s Economic Initiatives office and the chamber groups are now working with BRINK to continue to evolve, iterate, and improve the site and build media campaigns to drive interest in our beloved city. The website was recognized by the Association for Economic Development with an award of merit.


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