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Bringing the world to Tucson and Tucson to the world.

For 25 years, the organization formerly known as UA Presents brought live shows to the Tucson community, attended almost exclusively by white, wealthy snowbirds. With a new executive director and a new mission, they wanted to bring far more challenging and diverse live experiences while extending an invitation to new audiences. They needed a complete rebrand and reintroduction to the market.

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We got to work on a brand story, design system and website around the new name they would adopt Arizona Arts Live. Our goal: create a more inviting brand experience for people typically left out of Southern Arizona’s performing arts scene while resetting the community’s expectations. With a new name comes a whole new attitude

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Our new brand story was built on the big idea of Experience Unexpected. Southern Arizona grows stronger when we cultivate spaces that welcome people from all backgrounds to gather and share in the extraordinary and the unexpected. Arizona Arts Live curates these live experiences to inspire creativity, enrich our culture and elevate our place in the world.

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As we were building the new brand, the world fell into lockdown. Events in crowded theatres came to a screeching halt and it was unclear when we’d have live experiences again. More than ever, our community was starved for experience and connection.

Following previous pandemics, like the Black Plague and Spanish Flu, came a great renaissance. We asked: what would the post-COVID renaissance look like in Southern Arizona?


The arts have repeatedly sparked a cultural rebirth that provides hope and unity among a distressed public, allowing society to move forward and realize a new possibility. This became the inspiration for our first brand campaign, we called Ready for Renaissance.

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We commissioned three diverse local artists to beautify neighborhoods in our city that are often neglected. Muralists Mel Dominguez, Brandon Varela, and Robb Harris used outdoor walls as their canvas to express their interpretation of famous renaissance paintings. We documented the process and developed social and digital ads driving traffic to the new website.


Instead of telling our community what Arizona Arts Live stands for, we showed them.


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