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Don’t Panic. Pivot.

Early on in the COVID-19 crisis, the film and video production industry were promptly put on an indefinite pause. Since it is practically impossible to comply with social distancing measures on productions with more than one person, everything from basic video shoots to major Hollywood films has been shut down until further notice.

As film and video producers, in many ways, it feels like our lives are on hold. But the clients and communities we serve are undergoing rapid change, and with that comes an innate need to communicate with one another. To send messages of hope, resilience, and unity. These messages, more often than not, are conveyed through a moving image. That’s why BRINK’s producers have been working tirelessly to figure out new and innovative ways to keep the content flowing during this time.

With the help of numerous local partners, we launched a weekly live stream called Tucson Helping Tucson, with the goal of raising money to fund no-interest small business loans and grants. Tucson Helping Tucson is equal parts fundraising telethon and modern vaudeville act, featuring artists, musicians, comedians, and locally sourced content. It serves as a rallying cry for the artistic spirit of Tucson, and an opportunity to both celebrate and support all the creatives and small businesses that make our city so unique. 

Each week, the entirety of Tucson Helping Tucson is produced while adhering to proper social distancing guidelines. This required some unorthodox problem solving on the part of our producers. The entire live stream is grounded in a Zoom chat, where our host Frank Powers invites various guest interactions. This, combined with pre-recorded content, is all mixed from our control room run by an ultra-lean and properly distanced BRINK crew. 

We have also been retooling our capabilities from the ground up to remain an asset to our clients during this time. With our remote video services, a BRINK producer will coach you through the basic equipment you need to film yourself giving a direct address to your customers, talk you through how to set everything up in real-time, and guide you through the delivery of your message. Our post-production department is forging full steam ahead to make sure your video adheres to our high professional standards and is delivered in a timely manner. 

Before any of this happened, modern content producers were already used to a rapidly evolving landscape. A new app or piece of technology can change the entire conversation about how to make videos the best they can be. The art of efficiently retooling or redeveloping a product or service has been in our blood since day one. So take it from us, don’t panic. Pivot.