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By Molly Ragan

2020: The Year the World Went Digital

This year more than ever, the Internet has been essential in keeping us connected. With our physical worlds shrinking from lockdown restrictions and quarantine measures, digital platforms have allowed us to stay in touch with what now lies beyond our reach. From Zoom Thanksgivings with extended family to GrubHub deliveries from our favorite local restaurants, we are effortlessly able to bring the outside world into our homes.

In many ways, our increased dependence on the Internet and its myriad services has helped keep us all sane throughout a year that’s been any but. However, it has also left us wide open to the ever-increasing negative influences of the Internet. We established the BRINK Foundation to raise awareness of the dangers lurking behind our screens, and now more than ever, our work is absolutely essential. 

The mission of BRINK Foundation is to educate the masses about the manipulative forces driving our digital habits. With free lesson plans, educational campaigns, community events, panel discussions, gallery exhibits, and more, we aim to spark meaningful dialogue around the ways the Internet is affecting us, individually and as a whole.

That’s where you come in. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the BRINK Foundation relies on donations to do everything from producing content to keeping the lights turned on. The work we do to spread Internet literacy is not cheap, but it works. We have big plans to combat the patterns that arose in 2020, and we need your tax deductible dollars to bring them to life.

By Molly Ragan