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By Syreeta Mack

Memorializing Cecil the Lion, A Pessimist’s View

It is World Lion Day but the lion buzz on the Internet remains firmly focused on Cecil the lion.

If you haven’t been following the news, Walter Palmer (dental jerk-off with a million dollar smile) is now on the lam after hunting and incidentally killing a “celebrity” lion. The public backlash was quick and brutalPredictably, the situation also swiftly spawned a ton of “Cecil the Lion” memorial items you can purchase to show you really care.

I’ve rounded up my favorite Etsy items from sellers looking to capitalize below.

  1. A “Never Forget” shirt – you won’t, won’t you?
  2. An “I Am Cecil” tee
  3. Temporary Cecil tattoos 
  4. An anti-dentist luggage tag
  5. Justice for Cecil car decals
  6. Vintage Cecil the lion classroom flashcards
  7. Rafki holding Palmer’s head t-shirt – yikes
  8. “Cecil the Lion” sticky notes
  9. A “Digitally Drawn” throw pillow – from a design perspective – this person gave no eff’s.
  10.  A “Cecil Lives!” Christmas ornament – because you’ll still care come Christmas.



By Syreeta Mack