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By Syreeta Mack

What’s up with the Funk Parade?

For those of us, who aren’t fortunate enough to be 70’s babies and missed the era of goldfish-fitted platform boots, we’ll forever remain closeted disco queens. (That’s 70’s lingo – not my terminology but I feel like it aptly applies here.)

At any rate, Chris Naoum and Justin Rood had the brilliant idea of throwing a Funk Parade and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a call to party in the streets. It’s a lot more organized than I’m probably leading you to believe but ask anyone who attended the first annual last year and they’ll all tell you – “it was a giant party.”

When President Harry Truman announced World War II was over –  people took to U street in celebration. The night Joe Louis won the heavyweight championship, they did it again. U Street in Washington DC has a long history of celebration. To some, it’s also known as “Black Broadway,” since it was the birthplace of jazz, which is often mis-associated with Harlem. It makes sense that a city with such a lively history and a legacy of musical giants would have a “Funk Parade.” BRINK is lucky enough to be located on funky U Street.

Last year, we had the fortune of building the official Funk Parade website. All of us, Chris and Justin included, went into this unsure of just how successful the parade would be. But it was a huge success! So for Funk Parade 2015, everybody is taking things up a notch.

Here’s a quick run-down of what we are planning for this year:

  • Podcast with MaDCap, who cover the spectrum of music and arts. They’ll be interviewing local legends and popular bands live from BRINK. There’s a rumor that someone will performing from our office but at this time I can neither confirm nor deny. Stream the podcast here.
  • A free keg. Unfortunately, it’s not beer beer – there will be children present, but we will have Root Beer donated by the guys at Hank the Beer the tank. This will be “delicately paired” with 9 lbs of homemade ice-cream from Jubilee.
  • A Funky Photo Booth styled by Parlour SalonSome of the best stylists in DC will be here to outfit you in hilarious wigs for a great photo opp.


And… our local project 15&U, is also having a block party, which I’ve been fortunate enough to help coordinate. You can get more deets here.

If you happen to be in/near/or around our office in DC, be sure to stop by. We have some amazing posters, designed by our boy Pat Foley, that you can only get at our office.

Check out the Funk Parade map and schedule below.



By Syreeta Mack