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By Zeina Peterson

We Are Updating Our Privacy Policy, and You Should, Too

Europe did not come to play, y’all.

As all of you marketing fanatics should know, the Europeans’ worry over privacy gave rise to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy. This privacy regulation policy was enforced with the goal of harmonizing data laws across Europe and ensuring greater control over personal information and data—a win for our European friends!

But this game-changing regulation is a smack on the forehead for digital agencies. Did anyone else think this was another annoying cookie legislation? Honestly, it’s a pain in the butt and presents a looming process of rewriting contracts and updating privacy policies in order to work with European vendors. But ultimately, we should be thankful for GDPR policies. Agencies should want to seek consent for user information anyway!

Although GDPR regulations are focused on European policy, it is essential for U.S. businesses, especially digital companies, to be compliant. The stakes are high for agencies that depend on personal information to better engage with various marketing activities, and these laws are holding companies accountable for data protection.

Even if you’re not doing business with European vendors and are not required to be legally compliant at the moment, this is the future of business practice 101. As your company continues to boom, you have a responsibility to 1) assure clients you understand the importance of consent and privacy, and 2) guarantee that their personal data is protected by an up-to-date security standard.

GDPR is a policy sculpted for user protection. Yes, it can be a painstaking process that can create complexities for digital agencies—there’s no denying that—but understand that this legislation is only making our agencies better by rightfully requiring us to think carefully about the interactions we have with our clients and how we treat them. It’s important for digital leaders to support these security principles by not only pinky-promising consumer protection, but also instating rock-solid data policy as well.

Besides, we’re all about maintaining healthy relationships with our clients, right?

Big shout out to our European friends, and thank you, GDPR, for watching our backs as users and encouraging us as agencies to take data privacy and security seriously!

Interested in the specifics of GDPR and how it impacts digital marketing efforts? Check out the memo we put together to help our stakeholders understand.

By Zeina Peterson