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By Seanloui Dumas

Tucson’s Marketing Scene: A War of Generations

No one wants to become irrelevant. But change is always on its way, and those who don’t adapt don’t survive.

This challenge of bringing together the older generation and its younger counterpart has spawned many ideas on how to update business practices to appeal to both sides—but due to butting heads and competing ways of working, these theories don’t always see practice.

Let’s use Tucson as an example of this generational conflict.

In Tucson, and elsewhere, boutique marketing companies are springing up everywhere. Young professionals with big ideas are starting creative agencies poised to help businesses market themselves better to the growing younger generations. While older marketing companies are still caught up in churning out the same old ads, paired with the same old formulas, these new marketing companies are pushing out strong strategic content that better suits the expectations of today’s audience.

But here’s the deal: The old ways of doing things still wins you new business in Tucson.

Watch any Tucson marketing campaign and there’s a good chance you’ll see practices that don’t embrace the current advertising climate. From pouring thousands of dollars into print ads and avoiding social marketing all together to recycling campaigns that were done years prior just because “they worked last time.” Why? You could blame businesses that hire marketing companies overseen and led by those who don’t know any better.

Some businesses remain slow to embrace culturally relevant and forward thinking campaigns that seem riskier (read: new and improved, not tried and true), thus restricting creative campaigns from really spreading their wings. Older generations continue to resist the arrival of the new, and while sometimes it appeals to certain businesses’ audiences to keep things old-fashioned, in the long run, it will be fatal.

Modern businesses are looking for agencies that aren’t slow and bloated with their process, but quick and nimble, creating content at a pace that keeps up with consumption, desire, and interest. Those willing to leave their comfort zone are poised to win out.

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By Seanloui Dumas