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By Joshua Belhumeur

The Trump Resistance

On the weekend of the inauguration, I ventured out into the city with one of our talented video producers, Danny Sax, by my side to film the protests and marches. We didn’t know exactly what the end result would be, we just knew we had to be there to document it.

A plan started to come together Friday night when we had a “poster making” party at the BRINK DC office in advance of the Women’s March the next day. We grabbed some of the party-goers and interviewed them in our Social Studio, with beautifully lit, intimate compositions and what turned out to be very eloquent conversations.

I spent the next 8 weeks editing hours of footage into a storyline and, with some help from Danny on final color corrections and sound mixing, we got this.

I was very pleased with the end result for as impromptu as this project was. What we captured was genuine concern and introspection from young people, mixed with powerful and inspiring imagery at the center of what ended up being global demonstrations.

While this was just a passion project, I think it demonstrates the power of video storytelling for advocacy, something many organizations in D.C. could benefit from.

By Joshua Belhumeur