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By Joshua Belhumeur

State of the BRINK

To say we’ve had a good year is an understatement. We’ve made significant investments to our studios in DC and Tucson, added fresh talent to our team and did a record amount of business in 2017.

But with all of our success has also come a heightened awareness of our responsibility as media makers. This year we took a strong stance for progressive causes and proudly led the resistance against the xenophobia and assault on liberty we’ve seen across many levels of government. We helped flip 15 seats blue in the Virginia state delegate races and created viral content pieces for a variety of issues including net neutrality and DACA. We will continue to be unashamed and unafraid in our stance for what we believe is right.

Looking to 2018, we are both ambitious and optimistic. Our ambitions are challenging us to cut through some of our industry’s bullshit, re-examining the way things are done and embracing the new frontiers. And our optimism has us chasing the kind of work that will make a positive impact on our communities, our country and the world.

We had no bigger achievement this year than truly understanding ourselves and what we want to be, no matter how risky that might be. If you don’t like us, that’s okay – not everyone can handle being on the BRINK.

For those that do, let’s make some magic together in 2018.

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By Joshua Belhumeur