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By Lizzi Pittman

Nimble Rich Media

The Spiral Marketing podcast invited BRINK partner Josh Belhumeur on to discuss our approach to social content production and we shot the conversation in our DC studio.

They talked about:

  • Why old mindsets can be dangerous in this new fast-paced world
  • Why “good enough” quality content can be great for consumers
  • Perfectionism vs. just doing it

“You can have a lot lower quality content if you’re commenting on something relevant here and now”


  • Disposable content can bring you huge success
  • Why you should value current events more than visual aesthetics
  • How tools already available are preferable to starting from scratch


  • How the creative economy is motivating marketers to value creatives even more
  • Why marketing can refine and improve the skills of creatives
  • How talent makes long-form content easier for companies
  • Which red flags to look out for when choosing partners

“How can we evolve our thinking a little bit more, we’re all starting to look the same”

Be sure to check out other episodes of the Spiral Marketing podcast and tweet at @brinkmedia to contribute to the conversation.

By Lizzi Pittman