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By Joshua Belhumeur

Key Insights from IBM World of Watson

Chathura and I are in Vegas for the IBM World of Watson conference. We will be reporting live on the game changing technologies that will require BRINK and everyone else to adapt.

So far, Chat has four key insights to share…

Data Collection

Collecting data is a vital aspect in today’s market. It is a necessity for any system (human, analytics or an AI agent) to make good decisions. Raw unstructured data that may look like garbage today might be very useful for an important decision or prediction tomorrow. And with the cost of data storage and transportation decreasing, we all need to question if there’s a valid reason not to hold on to the data.

Terminology (Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence or Extended Intelligence)

At the moment most AI programs are there to assist with your work. That means, instead of replacing a job, they simply help to take some of the load off the worker. That means managing a repetitive task or going through thousands of records to find a pattern to help a person make the most accurate decision. While “Artificial Intelligent” may make some fear for their job “Augmented Intelligence” or “Extended Intelligence” can help us all to embrace the coming change.

Future of Web Interfaces

Instead of delivering the same UI of every user, it can be transformed into a personalized user experience. Addition to the traditional Visuals and Texts there can be new ways to interact with visitors. It can be natural text/voice conversations or even visual gestures.

IoT with AI (Internet of Things)

Connected devices are increasing in popularity dramatically. So, adding an additional layer of intelligence is the natural next step. A seamlessly connected device can give you a personalized and welcoming experience. We already have smart door locks, smart thermostats, smart bulbs and smart speakers that are all connected to the cloud, by adding an AI layer we can make them work together to cater to each user in efficient and unique experience based on his or her preferences.

Watch below for more insights from IBM WOW.

Quick Musings from IBM World of Watson from Brink on Vimeo.

By Joshua Belhumeur