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By Joshua Belhumeur

Hour of Code: In Support of Digital Literacy

In commemoration of Computer Science Education Week, BRINK Creative Digital in Washington, DC will host a one hour introductory course to coding lead by Partner Joshua Belhumeur. Designed to demystify web development, participants who take the course will learn the lingo and develop basic skills to better speak with and/or hire developers. All proceeds from the course will go to support Byte Back, a local non-profit that provides computer literacy, IT certification training, and employment readiness to low-income District residents.

The “Hour of Code” initiative started last year as a grassroots movement by and has already introduced 15 million students to the benefits of pursuing a computer science career. 9 out of 10 schools in America do not have computer science classes or the means to introduce students to coding. “Hour of Code” takes much needed action in addressing the digital divide and preparing students for the new economy.

For one hour around the world, volunteers, teachers and a variety of hosts run guided workshops designed by developers to prepare the students for the ever growing opportunities within computer science. It is estimated that $500 billion dollars in salary will be added to the American economy over the next ten years thanks to coding. This one hour lesson shows students that anyone can learn the basics and encourages them to pursue further education.

We at BRINK, would like to keep the momentum of the “Hour of Code” going by providing young adults with the tools necessary to continue learning. In partnership with Byte Back, we will host our own workshop tailored for communications professionals, with all of the proceeds going to purchase computers and cover enrollment fees for low income residents in the District of Columbia. With 30 spots available for the class, BRINK would still like to do more. For businesses, professionals and supporters of this noble cause, “In solidarity” are being sold at various increments.

By Joshua Belhumeur