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By Patrick Cavanaugh

Floppers, Clones and Trick Shots: The Best of World Cup Advertising

Have you been tuning into the World Cup?

The world’s “most beautiful game” attracts record global audiences, and marketers everywhere dutifully produce the creative work necessary to win those eyeballs (lest they wander away for a beer or the loo). It’s interesting to see how the different brands choose to celebrate football / futbol / soccer and play to fervid fans’ sensibilities.

Beats by Dre tried to “Out-Nike Nike” with players’ pre-game rituals.

But then Nike beats back the competition using animation and CLONES.

McDonalds showcases trick shots, reminding us how they trick everyone into eating their junk.

But the best of all has to be Durex, playing up the high drama and tense acting of the world’s greatest floppers, in #DontFakeIt.


By Patrick Cavanaugh