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By Caroline Jackson

E-junkie: Relaunching an E-commerce Shopping Cart

Who: E-junkie

What: A lightweight, embeddable shopping cart

When: 2003

Where: Tucson, Arizona

Why: To make e-commerce easier for the makers of the world

How: E-junkie started as a script Robin Kohli wrote for himself while he was working at BRINK as a programmer. He cobbled it together to sell $4 software and it was created to solve a single problem, he did not want to wake up in the middle of the night to check his e-mail and send it out using his dial-up connection. The script worked great and did all his work. Soon, a couple of friends started using it and he kept modifying the script to suit their needs. A couple of friends told a couple of friends told a couple of friends and soon there were hundreds of people using the system. E-junkie went from a script, to a small site on a shared server, to a distributed application spanning multiple servers. E-junkie pioneered the PDF stamping feature which helped self-publishers protect their creative work from theft. And you can use E-junkie to sell digital and physical goods on any website plus blogs and social media accounts. It evolved from one guy’s self-serving project to a full time service managed by a small team of developers in love with e-commerce.

BRINKmedia President and Creative Director was a key figure in launching Robin’s lightweight, third party shopping cart to the masses, as a full-fledge e-commerce solution. E-junkie still resides in Tucson, Arizona where it was conceived and the whole BRINK team helps to evolve and market the E-junkie shopping cart. Our programmers work to solve present problems and create an even better product that can compete in the now cluttered marketplace. E-junkie’s support staff works direct with our social media team, to write articles and share resources that will truly benefit E-junkie customers and e-commerce sellers in general. We have strong brand advocates that help evangelize this no muss no fuss shopping cart solution

In 2015, E-junkie got a brand new online presence, with an elegant and responsive site that can better serve our makers and a new blog that can help them learn, grow and connect. We launched ads on podcasts and stepped up our social game with an influx of ad budget. We are working hard to retain those that have long loved E-junkie and gain a new crop of makers (E-junkie works especially well for e-books, mp3s and film, but you can also sell tangible goods) as e-commerce grows and grows (e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 57% by 2018).

By Caroline Jackson