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Digital agency BRINK relaunches as “BRINK Creative Group”

Helping progressive brands, candidates and causes through “design on purpose.”

When you’ve been a digital agency for more than 25 years, you inevitably go through many moments of reinvention to stay relevant. 

When BRINK first started, the newness of the internet gave us our sense of purpose: we were in business to make the world more connected through the web. We helped brands experiment with new technologies and created social media before social media was social media with projects like Triggerstreet, a pre-Youtube filmmakers community, and the world’s first socially-driven donation app for PayPal well before apps like Venmo and Facebook causes.

Over the years BRINK has continued to grow from our studios in Washington, DC and Tucson, AZ including recent wins that helped land us on the “Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies” list. We went from humble beginnings in website and app development to a wide breadth of capabilities that push the definition of what a traditional “agency” is supposed to be. 

It was important we become our own client and better define the BRINK brand story to account for our evolution.

After going through an intensive process of discovery, ideation and iterative prototyping, we’re relaunching our brand with a new website and social presence, and have introduced an entirely new perspective on our business model, and more importantly our purpose.

The new is now home to the BRINK Creative Group, a collection of four companies united by a common purpose to use design and technology to elevate our clients, communities and culture. 

The group includes:

  • AGENCY: Develops digital products, campaigns and experiences for progressive brands, candidates and causes.
  • CONSULTANCY: Helps organizations discover and define new ways to bring value to their customers for sustained growth.
  • FILM: Fights the inequities of Hollywood by helping independent filmmakers distribute and monetize their films.
  • FOUNDATION: An independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit that pops the filter bubbles that perpetuate our fake news, clickbait, and conspiracy-minded culture through targeted content campaigns and education resources.

As storytellers, we have a real superpower to influence the choices people make.

We asked: are we going to use our superpower in unhealthy ways, pushing irresponsible consumerism or profiting on destructive public policy? Or are we going to only use our powers for good? 

We’ve opted to Always #BRINKResponsibly.

With BRINK’s deep progressive advocacy and political experience combined with a large portfolio of brand marketing work, we believe we are in a unique position to help purpose-driven brands become more socially and politically engaged. While only 22% of marketers felt it appropriate for brands to engage on “politically charged” issues, two-thirds of consumers indicated they wanted to see more of it. This presents both a clear marketing opportunity and a way to help social causes receive substantially more resources and support than ever before, a win-win. 

With the launch of the new website and brand story, we’re looking forward to helping progressive brands take on social activism in targeted and impactful ways, in addition to our other robust creative capabilities.