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By Joshua Belhumeur

Applying for Account Coordinator

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, has two parts:

First, write an instructional how-to on anything you want. The more mundane the better (for example, “making a peanut butter sandwich”, “washing your car”, etc). Your goal is to make it exciting. To hook us in and compel us with a unique tone of voice. Don’t give us a novel. This should be short and sweet.

Second, give us a technical paragraph or two on the importance of good design for the web. Treat it as if this was a section in a proposal we would send one of our clients. It should be professional but still have a creative tone.

Email these samples in one doc to josh–at–brink–dot–com. If you want to include more writing examples with it, you are welcome to.


By Joshua Belhumeur