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By Caroline Jackson

Chris Rock Oscars Joke Generator

On February 28th, Chris Rock will grace the stage of the Oscars for the second time. Some had hoped that he would boycott the event that ignored non-white actors for the second year in a row but he demurred. So now, many watchers will be looking for him to take a shot at the #OscarsSoWhite institution and the dismal state of diversity in Hollywood.

So what will Chris Rock say? We are certain it won’t be free of controversy or reproach. Why would he start being sheepish now?

In anticipation of his and Hollywood’s big night, we pulled together  the comedian’s past jokes and comments that could apply on this Oscar night.


Now that the predictions are out of the way, dust off your ball gowns and tuxedos and watch the action along with us as we live tweet every joke and jeer during #Oscars2016.

By Caroline Jackson