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By Caroline Jackson

BRINKguide Launches Into the App Store

Our new travel app is out not! Awhile back, we decided to retool and create an entirely new sort of travel guide. The kind of travel guide we couldn’t find but wanted to have.

When BRINKguide first started, we scouted writers and photographers in a dozen cities across the world and they wrote hundreds upon hundreds of awesome reviews to get BRINKguide going. We are grateful to these impressive, cultured people and love their contributions (which are still in the app!) but we wanted to open the app up to everyone’s opinions. While we will still go through every single review (we don’t need to include that big box store, thank you) and curate what appears on the app, anyone can add their own, from any spot in the world. Unlike other travel apps, you won’t have to sift through a slew of reviews to find something worth visiting in the BRINKguide app. That’s why we made.

We are so excited to see what you have to add to the app (we know you have some hidden gem you want to share with us). Get the app here, and tweet us what you think about it.

By Caroline Jackson