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BRINK sets out to make the world a better place with the launch of BRINKeats.

BRINK is embarking on an exciting new venture!

Inspired by our video, design, and web development production processes, we are expanding into the world of culinary delights!

Watch the video to learn all about our new vertical: BRINKeats!

It’s a tale as old as time: you’re in the middle of recording a pitch video for your agency’s in-house production studio, and your mind starts to wander… what’s for lunch? All of a sudden you go from talking about your talent-wrangling skills to hearing yourself say “on-bread talent” – which is not a thing that people say. Next thing you know, in a burst of inspiration, you’ve re-written the whole script to be lunch-specific, recorded a new version in a branded tee, and gone full-on Elizabeth Holmes in your delivery. That’s a totally universal experience…right?

Ok, maybe not. Maybe the more relatable experience is the burst of inspiration part. You’re working at a job you love, thinking of ways to execute a specific goal, and working with your team to come up with new and interesting ideas on how to reach out to your current clients, and engage potential new clients. You get that spark of enthusiasm, and you start thinking of ways to execute that are outside the box.

The beauty of our peculiar video content piece is like Bill Gates and his first computer- it comes down to access. We’re a studio. We make videos constantly, for all kinds of reasons: event promos, poetry readings, voter guides, you name it. Sometimes we make new employee intro videos that are really just dance videos to a great song. And sometimes we make a full-on homage to lunch with sweet b-roll and animations, and throw our whole strategy department in the mix to get it to the people. We make videos because we can, and we want to help our clients make videos because with us as partners, they can too.

The script rewrite took about 30 mins, and the video was shot in under 1 hour in our studio. Add in time for creating the animations, shooting the b roll in the office and cutting it together, and it’s less than 8 hours for a polished, professional, and ready-to-publish video piece.

Imagine what your team could do with access to a production studio that didn’t cost a fortune to engage. What would your team come up with if you had the blue sky to create anything you wanted? And once it’s in the can, how far could you take your new content piece, (or series!) with some strategic media buys, some targeted messaging? Maybe your milestone isn’t April Fool’s Day, maybe it’s your 10th anniversary this year, and you need a video to spread the word about your organization. Or maybe you’re looking down the road to Q3 when your new location opens up, and you don’t have any video to support the roll-out.

That’s where BRINK comes in. We have a small team and a lot of ideas. We’re looking for concepts of all sizes to bring to life. Are you looking for a creative production partner to give your inspiration a place to land? Learn more -> here.