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Strategist (Tucson)

A BRINK Strategist collaborates closely with our clients to assess their needs and organizational objectives, reframe those objectives as human-centered challenges, lead research to gain insights about the audience, then guide a cross-disciplinary team to design thoughtful, creative solutions to those challenges.

They are one part relationship manager, one part project manager, one part researcher, and one part big picture creative. They drive our projects forward by laying down the runway for our ideas to take flight while ensuring everyone is on the same (and correct) course.

BRINK does not have a stand-alone account management role. We believe the people working with the client should be the ones doing the actual work to encourage co-creation and avoid the “clueless middle person” effect an accounts team can cause. Thus we spread account management responsibilities out across what we call “core teams” consisting of a Strategist, User Experience Lead, Producer, and Art Lead. In all instances, the Strategist is the team leader, making them the primary point of contact with the client.

A Typical Day:

  • Taking meetings with prospective clients to understand their needs and share BRINK’s capabilities, values, and approaches – including developing robust pitches as opportunities present.
  • Checking in with current clients to provide updates on where projects stand and presenting and defending our ideas.
  • Running client workshops to co-create various aspects of brand strategy, under the direction of Partners and using established BRINK processes.
  • Organizing research tasks such as focus groups, surveys, and online searches, either directly or through delegating to other team members, with the goal of identifying key insights to inform our strategy work.
  • Developing thoughtful creative briefs that set the team up for success in producing digital products, content, and campaigns.
  • Building polished strategic narratives that serve as the foundation of our big ideas and sharing those narratives with both client and internal stakeholders with enthusiasm and clarity.
  • Leading the ideation process for developing big ideas such as campaign concepts, brand purpose statements, and taglines. 
  • Working with User Experience designers to build plans for websites and apps.
  • Working with Media planners to build media plans to support campaigns.
  • Working with Producers to build content plans.
  • Writing “scope of work” documents that serve as the foundation of our contracts.

On some projects, they may be in this role alone. Others may have a Director or Partner more closely overseeing them. Some may have an Associate alongside them to spread the workload. It all depends on the size of the project, which inevitably varies for a growing agency like us.

The Strategist receives coaching, direction, and occasional task assignments from the Partners, but is otherwise in a role where they are expected to manage their own day-to-day, in addition to managing the projects. BRINK has an intense team culture and thus a relatively flat management structure. Our leaders are there to provide direction and impart wisdom, not to supervise anyone’s daily task list.

Career Growth:

There are three core levels of Strategist:

  • Associate Strategist – a junior supporting role that takes on more of the project management and research tasks as they build up the skills to do the rest
  • Strategist – leads smaller client projects and provides support to Directors and Partners on larger projects
  • Strategy Director – leads big picture on larger client projects, always with a supporting Strategist or Associate to manage the day-to-day

As part of the progression for the role, a Strategist attains Senior Strategist first, then Associate Director next, before becoming a full Director. As BRINK grows, these distinctions have more impact on how work is distributed and who leads what projects.

Employment Details:

This is a full-time and salaried position. It includes 2-weeks of annual vacation time, a company contributed healthcare plan, and a company matching 401(k) program after 1 year. We take all federal holidays off and have a flexible culture around work from home when needed, though prefer to be together in our studio to do our best work. We additionally give away a significant portion of the profit as bonuses and have a number of workplace perks that are constantly evolving.

We strive for “billable hours” to be no more than 40 hours a week as we respect and encourage a life outside of BRINK, including passion projects and side gigs that help you do the things you want to do whenever it doesn’t align with what we have to do. Deadlines govern everything, so sometimes we have to work longer hours. That will always be the exception, not the rule.

We believe the concept of work-life balance is a misnomer. Work is such a significant part of one’s life that creating a wall should never be the goal. We want the people you work with, the spaces you work within, and the clients you serve to be meaningful and fulfilling to you. This is an ongoing dialogue we have as a team in the choices of projects we take on and the direction we move as an organization.

Good Strategists:

  • See the big picture and how systems fit together. They always go deeper than the surface to understand the root causes and motivations.
  • Are amazing storytellers and writers that can build narratives that not only make sense but captivate.
  • Have a foundation of modern marketing and communications knowledge, especially at the intersection of design, technology, and media.
  • Are empathetic and their curiosity in the human condition makes them almost part psychologist and part anthropologist.
  • Are organized and manage their time wisely.
  • Are effective at motivating a team.
  • Have superb interpersonal skills.


We need someone confident for the role, with minimal onboarding required, to be able to support our Arizona-based clients as we face rapid growth. You will likely have at least 5 years of experience and typically have a degree in Marketing or a related major. As part of the hiring process, we are going to be giving you assignments that test your ability to write and solve problems and will assess your grasp of industry trends.

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