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Producer (Tucson)

A BRINK Producer works on our video team to produce high-quality video content, including scripted narratives, studio content, and documentary-style pieces. They are often well-versed in all or most aspects of development, pre-production, production, and post.

For this position, we are looking for someone that specializes as a Director of Photography, with the visual taste and extensive understanding of camera / lights / grip to take lead on filming video content at all levels of production value.

Many agencies over-engineer their productions. We apply the appropriate crew size for the task to achieve high quality without the high cost. We expect our Producers to have the skills to plan and organize bigger productions with 5 or more crew members when a project calls for it, but also be able to go out and shoot on their own with one of our camera kits. In the social media age, we must be nimble and have a tight approach to make content rapid enough to be relevant and lean enough to be sustained as a regular content pipeline.

A Typical Day:

  • Working with the strategy team to help turn the client’s brand strategy into a visual product or campaign.
  • Participating creatively in meetings and brainstorms about strategy, scripts, and general creative concepts.
  • Developing thoughtful creative scripts and visual treatments for projects that reflect the client’s brand and BRINK’s values. 
  • Maintaining and organizing film and video production equipment.
  • Preparing in-depth quotes of prospective video work for clients. 
  • Organizing pre-production of video projects with budgets typically ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. Including budgeting, scheduling, organizing and maintaining contact with a crew and cast. 
  • Acting as both a creative and a technician when it comes to shooting B-Roll and small projects. 
  • Working with non-linear editing software as an Assistant Editor and sprint-based Editor as needed.
  • Providing insightful and detailed feedback to rough cuts of projects as they move through the post-production process. 

Career Growth:

As part of the progression for the role, a Producer attains Senior Producer first, then Associate Director next, before becoming a Director. As BRINK grows, these distinctions have more impact on how work is distributed and who leads what projects. Our more senior Producers will be leading our bigger projects while the more junior will be supporting.

Employment Details:

This is a potential full-time and salaried position. It includes 2-weeks of annual vacation time, a company contributed healthcare plan, and a company matching 401(k) program after 1 year. We take all federal holidays off and have a flexible culture around work from home when needed, though prefer to be together in our studio to do our best work. We additionally give away a significant portion of the profit as bonuses and have a number of workplace perks that are constantly evolving. 

We strive for “billable hours” to be no more than 40 hours a week as we respect and encourage a life outside of BRINK, including passion projects and side gigs that help you do the things you want to do whenever it doesn’t align with what we have to do. Deadlines govern everything, so sometimes we have to work longer hours. That will always be the exception, not the rule. Every once in awhile shoots fall on weekend days so your days off will rotate to include weekdays when that happens.

We believe the concept of work-life balance is a misnomer. Work is such a significant part of one’s life that creating a wall should never be the goal. We want the people you work with, the spaces you work within, and the clients you serve to be meaningful and fulfilling to you. This is an ongoing dialogue we have as a team in the choices of projects we take on and the direction we move as an organization.

A Good Producer:

  • Knows their stuff when it comes to video production and equipment and stays up on the latest trends.
  • Has a talented eye for composition, lighting, color, mise en scène, performance, and all the other words.
  • Can oversee a bigger shoot employing an Arri Alexa with camera assistants, grips and electric one day while wielding a Sony FS7 by themselves for a solo shoot the next.
  • Is well organized and thoroughly plans ahead, while being quick on their feet in the moment when inevitable hiccups occur.
  • Has a positive attitude and accepts input from diverse creative teams (and clients) without being defensive or stubborn.
  • Is self-motivated and takes tremendous pride in their craft.


We don’t care as much about college or resume, just your values, your passion, and your skills. You will first and foremost have a kickass portfolio that shows resourcefulness and a high level of creativity no matter what the budget of the project was. You will also have enough experience working on larger film and commercial shoots to know exactly how good productions work and can talk the talk in meetings with other film professionals.

Salaries will be negotiated based on skills and experience, but we expect this to be a role for someone between 3 and 5 years into their career.

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