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A BRINK Designer produces commercial art, user interfaces, brand elements, and animations for our web, content, advertising, and brand experience projects. We’re looking for a designer with a specialty in user interface design and graphics for the web, but would like someone well rounded enough to move between print, digital, and video title work with relative ease. If you can illustrate work in 3D environments or any other additional skills, that’s an appreciated plus.

We foster a team-driven environment. You will be closely collaborating with a Copywriter, a User Experience lead, or a Video Producer often and will receive tasks and oversight from a Strategist. You will also be mentored by the more senior members of the design team.

We require our team members to be located in one of our studios, but are willing to hire this position out of either our Tucson, AZ or Washington, DC offices.

A Typical Day:

  • Executing advertising concepts based on a creative brief.
  • Contributing to creative brainstorms.
  • Turning wireframes into high fidelity prototypes in Adobe XD.
  • Developing graphics such as icons, infographics, etc.
  • Creating a wide range of logo concepts.
  • Planning wireframes with a User Experience lead or Strategists, based on an established content plan.
  • Supporting post-production of videos with title work and possible motion graphics (assuming you possess the skills).
  • Assembling mood boards and visual concepts to present to a client.
  • Defending your ideas and building thoughtful narratives around your design choices and how they were informed.
  • Communicating frequently with your teammates.
  • Receiving feedback and taking it in stride, leaving ego at the door.

Career Growth:

We are seeking an early to late early career Designer for this position. Your next promotion would be to Senior Designer where you will be expected to take on more conceptual work and design at a high level with minimal supervision. This would eventually lead to Art Director role where you are mentoring more junior designers and more involved in the strategic level of our projects.

Employment Details:

This is a full-time and salaried position. It includes 2-weeks of annual vacation time, a company contributed healthcare plan, and a company matching 401(k) program after 1 year. We take all federal holidays off and have a flexible culture around work from home when needed, though prefer to be together in our studio to do our best work. We additionally give away a significant portion of the profit as bonuses and have a number of workplace perks that are constantly evolving.

We strive for “billable hours” to be no more than 40 hours a week as we respect and encourage a life outside of BRINK, including passion projects and side gigs that help you do the things you want to do whenever it doesn’t align with what we have to do. Deadlines govern everything, so sometimes we have to work longer hours. That will always be the exception, not the rule.

We believe the concept of work-life balance is a misnomer. Work is such a significant part of one’s life that creating a wall should never be the goal. We want the people you work with, the spaces you work within, and the clients you serve to be meaningful and fulfilling to you. This is an ongoing dialogue we have as a team in the choices of projects we take on and the direction we move as an organization.

Good BRINK Designers:

  • Base their art on the strategies they are presented, not sacrificing a goals-focused approach to chase trends or make something “cool for the sake of cool.”
  • Have crazy attention to detail, not a pixel out of place without intent.
  • Know a little CSS and how graphics perform on the web, from loading impact to usability and accessibility.
  • Use Adobe products and know all the neat hotkeys that help them work faster.
  • Have a purpose behind their design decisions and when asked “why did you make that red?” have a logical response.
  • Challenge themselves to master their craft. Each design they make is better than the previous; their talent and knowledge is nothing but an upward trajectory.
  • Are organized and manage their time wisely.
  • Are insanely creative, of course.


You will likely have at least 1 year of experience in a fast-paced professional environment and typically have a Design or Art degree. We don’t care as much about college or resume as we do your portfolio. Your portfolio is what gets you an interview. You should include a link or a PDF in your application.

We are opening this process up to a range of very junior to relatively more experienced designers to explore our options, so salary will be commensurate with skills and experience.

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