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Associate Developer

As an Associate Developer at BRINK, you will be a part-time member of our team, working closely with our developers to build, perfect, and maintain web applications. Your tasks will include front-end development, content management, and quality control. You will work closely with designers to actualize their prototypes. You will take on the simpler tasks to free up our more senior team members and will learn a lot in the process at an early stage in your career.

A Typical Day:

  • Styling UI elements, based on design specifications, to pixel-perfection.
  • Performing routine system updates on the hundreds of sites we host for our clients.
  • Auditing code updates for visual and functional stability.
  • Ensuring that the work we design and develop meets the federal government standards for accessibility.
  • Investigating and demonstrating new web technologies that satisfy project needs and/or that improve internal workflow.
  • Convincing team members of your decisions by acknowledging alternatives and supporting your chosen plan of action
  • Communicating frequently with your teammates and potentially with clients.
  • Responding to feedback and taking it with stride, leaving ego at the door.

Career Growth:

We are seeking an entry-level Developer for this position. Your next promotion would be Developer where you will be expected to independently oversee and consult on the technical aspects of any given project.

Employment Details:

This is a part-time, hourly position with the potential to grow into a full-time salaried role with benefits. 

Good Junior Developers at BRINK:

  • Possess a foundational understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Are ready to get their hands dirty with frontend frameworks, specifically react.js.
  • Get excited about understanding backend development, specifically with PHP and Node.js.
  • Know their way around the WordPress admin panel.
  • Have intense attention to detail, not a pixel out of place.
  • Question design decisions when there are better alternatives.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to improve the way they code.
  • Consistently deliver their best work and do not hesitate at the opportunity to improve it.
  • Are organized and manage their time wisely.
  • Complete work on time.


You will likely have experience working on, or managing, web applications and/or websites in either a hobby or professional setting. We want to see stuff you’ve worked on. That can be in the form of GitHub and Codepen projects, a portfolio site, or a reasonably sized zip file of code samples.

We will pay you $15/hr and want between 12 and 16 hours a week from you. It could lead to a full-time job offer with our team, depending on performance and client workload. You’ll have a great experience either way.

Equitable Opportunity Employer

BRINK does not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status, family or parental status, or any other status protected by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate. We encourage applicants from historically marginalized or underrepresented communities, and we are committed to fostering and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce where all voices in the room are heard and respected.

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