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BRINKvision is the last real independent film distributor in the market today. It’s our mission to acquire underappreciated films deserving of a larger audience. Independent cinema continues to evolve, and we will evolve with it while providing audiences the best films possible.

We are your vision, releasing films that you want to see. Be part of the vision.

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Some Films We Produced


Comical tale focusing on the anarchic adventures of a college drop-out named Ross who has an unhealthy appetite for illegal drugs, particularly amphetamine sulphate, or speed. Having met a heavyweight dealer and drug manufacturer, Ross agrees to become his driver, a job that leads him into a series of manic and increasingly bizarre situations that distract him from his personal quest to find his errant girlfriend.

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This film is about love and friendship, and the way these things keep us young, and make us feel alive. It’s about one man at a point in his life when he is finally forced to concede that his whole life is no longer ahead of him, and he makes a last reach for one thing he’s never had – true love.

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TV Party

From 1978 to 1982 Glenn O’Brien hosted an insane punk rock New York City cable TV show called TV Party. Co-hosted by Chris Stein, from Blondie, and directed by filmmaker Amos Poe, the hour long show took television where it had never gone before: to the edge of civility and “sub-realism” as Glenn would put it.

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FUZZ: The Sound That Revolutionized The World

Guitar God Billy Gibbons along with Jon Spencer, J.Mascis and Chris Ross from Wolfmother, weigh in with their own insight into baddest boxes and rattiest fuzztones. Internet forums ,”gear oriented” chat rooms and electronic product conventions have become the battlefield where these master box builders meet… the ensuing trade is anything but free!

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